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5 years ago
 I had this company install my system 10 years ago, as well as a couple service calls. Every time it was a guy that seemed very knowledgable and trustworthy. After dealing with multiple HVAC companies in the past, I can confidently say this is an excellent, trustworthy company, with above average techs working for them
Joseph McMillion

Joseph McMillion

6 years ago
 NP moved my basement unit to the attic in order to obtain a higher basement ceiling height, hey did a bang up job!!! Also installed a split system for the basement which works amazingWill always come back to NP for all heat/air needs
Cindy Sir

Cindy Sir

6 years ago
 New system was installed by another company 5 years ago. It has never worked correctly. I have to call them every spring. I have tipee toed and never ran the system above 77 in the summer. OMG North Point came in and made this system RUN and KEEPS the temp at 73 all day long. I now feel so COOL. Thank you — North Point.


6 years ago
 North Point Heating and Air provides excellent service. They are professional and clearly knowledgeable. They won’t pressure you to buy something you don’t need. They are on time for appointments. I have been using them for a few years for maintenance. I purchased a new air conditioner from them in May 2017.
Greg Westerfield, Jr.

Greg Westerfield, Jr.

6 years ago
 I had two 33-year old Carrier beer cans that I needed replaced. So knowing this would be a big expense I called about 10 companies for quotes. North Point gave the best price and was the most up front from the beginning.I can’t say enough about how happy I am with the install and the professionalism North Point displayed in my home. The systems look great and the house feels great. I will be using them in the future for all my HVAC needs and I highly recommend them to anyone in the area.

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We extend our highest recommendation …

My wife and I have owned our home in Roswell for more than two and a half decades and in that time have had many instances where HVAC repairs were needed. The frustration and fear for many homeowners were realized time and again by us with “reputable, well advertised, and established” companies that mislead, lied, conned, and outright falsehoods in conjunction with work or repair on our HVAC systems. It is easy to see how this industry has the reputation of “bait and switch.” From our perspective, and that of many of our neighbors it’s always a gamble trying to find an honest, sincere, company that has YOUR INTEREST at the heart of the problem.

Obviously after the many horrible situations we’ve run into with companies in this industry we have been a bit jaded about future opportunities.

We were just astonished to find a company that was concerned with our pocketbook and well being instead of just their own. We had other companies out to “find the problem” with the result being a “total replacement” of thousands of dollars to resolve the issue. Frankly as luck would have it North Point Heating and Air Conditioning had done some work for our Daughter and her husband and they were just thrilled with the results and they gave them their highest recommendation.

Jeremiah the HVAC Technician was on-time, professional, knowledgeable, polite, and took the time to explain the process he was using to find the real problem. His honesty and sincerity was refreshing and his concern for solving the problem with the smallest investment required was his goal. His resolute determination to find the “real” problem was impressive. He replaced the part and saved the day!! Doing this saved us thousands of dollars. An honest, sincere opinion, explained in a non condescending manner for an affordable price helped us tremendously.

From our Daughter and Husband, my Wife and I, we extend our highest recommendation for Jeremiah, Carol, Mike and the team at North Point Heating and Air Conditioning.

If you don’t contact this company to help you, you are making a big mistake!!!

Donald David

November 3, 2016

After an extended bout with bronchitis, we had North Point install two Carrier air purifiers in our home. Their staff did an excellent job and our indoor air quality has improved noticeably! Highly recommend this company – great job!

Corinne Simpson

Oct 18, 2016

WOW! I have never given a review on any company either positive or negative. I have to say WOW again because North Point really saved the day for me. I Googled HVAC repair in my city and North Point was there to service my A/C’s THAT DAY. It turns out the A/C’s were frozen and that the systems just needed to be cleaned and serviced…….. They came back the next morning (After everything thawed….) cleaned – something – performed a few other checks and everything has been running great since the moment they left.. I HIGHLY recommend North Point!!

Thanks again guys, you’re life savers!!!!!!!

Sharon Novak


I was in the middle of selling my house and our main level system crapped out. I didn’t want to shell out thousands of dollars on a whole new system to then just leave the house. Jeremiah from North Point gave me four options to choose from, most expensive to “budget” options. He took the time to discuss and educate me on each option. He was polite and considerate and seemed to really care about what was right for me. In the end I went with the more expensive system and was able to add this investment with the sale of my home as a value add. I hate dealing with contractors and construction guys. I LOVE dealing with North Point Heating and Air Conditioning

Thanks AGAIN Jeremiah I love my new Infinity System.

Connie Cowart

I’ve been a North Point Customer for YEARS, can’t remember how many 13 or 14 now. They always show up when they say they’re going to, there always polite and honest. I moved from Roswell to Cumming and built a new house. Jeff from North point helped me decide what units were best going to meet my needs and my budget, as they have done before. I never have any headaches with them and they always do their best to save me money.

Satisfied Customer

Michelle Moran

I keep coming back to North Point because of their customer service. I like things done right the first time and North Point always comes through. They were knowledgeable, courteous, and very pleasant to work with, answering all my questions before they started. I work from home and almost forgot they were here until they called out to let me know they were done. Thanks North Point for once again providing me with the service that keeps me coming back.

Paulette Joyce

I have to thank North Point Heating & Air Conditioning for coming to our rescue! We just got home from our honeymoon and came home to a ridiculously hot house! We called North Point Heating & Air Conditioning and not only did Jeff come out to inspect our AC, he was friendly, professional, informative and fixed our problem. We will absolutely use this company again and refer it to all our friends. Thanks again Jeff and North Point Heating & Air Conditioning for saving us from the heat!

Casey Smith

June 30, 2015

North Point Heating & Air did an amazing job when replacing my AC unit. They where not only professional but clean, honest and straight forward. I would recommend them to anyone who needs either AC or Furnace work.

Michael Porter

Oct 18, 2016

I never write reviews, but I felt I need to write one about Armando and Jeff. They were very pleasant and knowledgable and gave me a great sense of trust while working on my system. More people in the HVAC industry should model their customer support and know how after these guys. Thanks again!!

Diego Neme

We get semi-annual inspections from North Point as part of their Peace of Mind program. They are very thorough, but very balanced and practical in their recommendations. “This willneed replacing/this needs replacing now,” “It will cost you about this much, and we can have someone here within 2 days to do a complete specification and quote, if you like,” “You probably can get through the season, and we’ll keep this issue on file so can keep an eye on this component,”etc. Recently had to replace 2 complete systems (after nursing things through a couple seasons), and very happy with consultant Jeremiah and installers David and Armando, all of whom were very professional and treated our property and our time with great respect.

Pat Borberly

I originally went with one of the bigger HVAC Companies in my area and over time, just couldn’t get the same level of service that I was able to when I first started doing business with them. My Neighbor suggested North Point and I’ve been a happy Customer ever since!!

Thanks Again North Point

Matthew Stenger

North Point Heating and Air has been a life-saver for us! They are professionals who know how to provide quality and rapid service at a fair price. We have used the company for the past 15 years+ and constantly find the staff and service techs to be pleasant, very responsive and knowledgeable about heating and cooling needs. We had an air problem just recently during the onset of the 90+ degree temps. They were here the next morning and had cool air flowing quickly. I am a devoted customer and could not be more pleased.

Phil Turner

Aug 5, 2015

I’m a realtor and have been a client for North Point for a while now. They are definitely my go to “vendor” for HVAC, Plumbing and insulation. ALWAYS on time, ALWAYS Knowledgeable, ALWAYS clear, concise and honest on their estimates. It’s been a great relationship North Point, keep up the good work.

Brock Wade

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