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As the technology advances within the heating and cooling industry continues to advance, our certified Engineers are more capable than ever to address issues affecting the air in your home or business. Whether it’s particulates in the air such as dust, or the air in the home is either too dry or too moist, an assessment of your Indoor Air quality is the first step in relieving issues related to allergies and other health related issues. Our Engineers can educate you on the various solutions available today for your home or small business

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The Environmental Protection Agency lists quality of your indoor air as a serious threat to human health. In fact, indoor air can often be far more polluted than outdoor air. And while most homeowners can’t see the majority of indoor air contaminants, every cubic foot of air breathed carries a mixture of millions of microscopic particles such as pollen and dust mite debris. In small concentrations, these particles and gasses may cause discomfort in the home. In significant concentrations, they can lead to ailments such as asthma and allergies. (Read more from the EPA here:


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Indoor air quality add-ons for your air conditioning and heating system can make your home a dramatically healthier place for you and your family. We have the ability to filter air, control humidity, and cycle fresh outdoor air into the home. These add-ons can help to reduce allergies, prevent asthma, and even boost health, well-being and productivity.

After an extended bout with bronchitis, we had North Point install two Carrier air purifiers in our home. Their staff did an excellent job and our indoor air quality has improved noticeably! Highly recommend this company – great job!

Corinne Simpson

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