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Get professional heating and furnace repair in Alpharetta GA by North Point Heating and Air. North Point is the top HVAC team in Alpharetta, GA, and also the surrounding areas for your home or business in north metro Atlanta. For heating service and furnace repair Alpharetta GA calls on North Point first.

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Call North Point in Alpharetta today. Your furnace can lose efficiency and also break down with age. Let North Point offer you professional inspections, maintenance and also repair. Repair work is done by our experienced team of highly qualified and also certified professionals. Call us today!

Prevent Problems with Our Fall Check-Up!

When cold temperatures put a strain on your heating system and budget, call North Point. Schedule your fall furnace inspection today. The North Point air conditioning inspection includes the following:

  • Check the unit and its physical support for any obvious signs of deterioration.
  • Check the system’s operation to determine its condition and if repairs or adjustments are needed.
  • Inspect all flue gas passages and also venting.
  • Inspect and clean (as needed) the pilot/ignition system, burner assembly and also combustion area.
  • Check and clean the gas/oil valve.
  • Inspect all gas or oil connections, gas/oil pressure and also burner combustion.
  • Check for secure physical connections of individual parts.
  • Make sure all electrical connections are sound and also components are working properly.
  • Check the control or thermostat for functionality.

If you have a gas furnace, your Carrier expert will also:

  • Inspect and also clean (as needed) the heat exchangers coupling box(es) and inducer assembly.
  • Lubricate moving parts and also motors (if applicable).
  • Check and also clean the condensate drainage system for condensing gas furnaces.
  • Clean and also adjust the blower components.
  • Check supply and return air ducts for obstructions, leaks and insulation and also remedy any problems.
  • Inspect and also make any necessary adjustments to the return-air duct connection(s) at the furnace.
  • Check the filters, and also replace or clean them, if needed.

Your Authorized Carrier Dealer

And if your furnace is in need of replacement, ask us about Carrier HVAC products. Carrier is the leader of HVAC units in long term use and quality. Families in Alpharetta depend on Carrier furnaces for a reason. Give us a call if you have questions about our service. North Point Heating and Air Conditioning serves Roswell, Alpharetta and also north metro Atlanta.

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