Benefits of a Carrier Variable Speed Heat Pump

Benefits of a Carrier Variable Speed Heat Pump

Benefits of High Efficiency Variable Speed Carrier Infinity Heat Pump Systems

It has been a hot summer here in Roswell, Georgia. The heat and humidity of the summer weather adds an extra strain on your HVAC System. If your HVAC is having a hard time keeping up and you are not staying cool; then it might be time to replace your old air conditioning and heating system with our Carrier Infinity High Efficiency system.

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For over 40 years, North Point Heating and Air Conditioning have been dedicated to providing heating, air conditioning, and plumbing services to the residents of Fulton and Forsyth Counties Georgia. We will provide honest, certified and also well trained Service Engineers to those in need of repairs on their units. Also those who are considering replacement of their existing equipment.

As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, our Service Engineers are required to complete comprehensive training and certification courses. This helps us to educate our customers on the newest and best equipment for their home or office. Major technological advances being made within the HVAC industry are helping Carrier lead the way. This consultative approach has been the secret to our success.

Here are some of the benefits that you will receive by installing a new High Efficiency Variable Speed Carrier Infinity Heat Pump System.

Benefits of High Efficiency Variable Speed Carrier Infinity Heat Pump Systems

Saves you Money: Because a high efficiency system operates with a SEER as high as 20.5 it therefore leaves little energy to waste. The higher the number also the more potential for savings. This can add up to a huge savings to your bottom line.

Quieter Performance: They heat and cool your home quietly. Equipping models with Silencer System II technology reduces airflow and vibrations to achieve low sound levels.

Extended Operating Life: The variable speed blower minimizes the on and off cycling typically therefore requiring less repairs. The Carrier system also comes with a 10 year parts warranty.

Superior Air Quality: It has an upgraded air filtration system. The filtration system, along with the variable fan, creates a constant air flow which removes air impurities and also regulates temperatures.

Environmentally Friendly: It wastes less energy which helps therefore conserve the environment. The Carrier Infinity System comes with Puron refrigerant which will not deplete the ozone and also an ENERGY STAR designation on most Infinity Series heat pumps.

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